We manufacture brightly colored
silicone lock box cases
to help find your lock box, instantly

You Are Realtors

You want to differentiate yourself from the competition. You want to simplify the listing process. And you absolutely do not want to lose a showing because a potential buyer couldn’t find the lock box.

You Are Airbnb Hosts

You want to simplify the check-in process. You want to create the best experience possible for your guests. And you want to make sure you get the best possible rating to improve your business.

You Are Property Managers

You run a professional operation and want it to look that way. Your image is important to you. So is your brand. Your lock boxes should be easy to find and convey confidence in property management.

The Lock Box Problem

Today's Lock Boxes...
Are black and gray.
Look dull and boring.
Appear the exact same.
Are undifferentiated.
Can barely be told apart.
When there's one, there are usually lots

Don't make someone sort through dozens of lock boxes to find yours.
Make it easy.

Get a FunKey Case.  

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